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Neverwinter Foundry.

Neverwinter is an Online RPG MMO. It is available on Steam or Arc (like Steam).
Download it and have fun in the world of Fâerun.
Some of you will remember the first steps in Faerun with their own characters in
Baldurs Gate - Shadow s of Amn
Baldurs Gate - Throne of Baahl
Baldurs Gate - Legends of the swordcoast
or the Neverwinter-series or Icewind Dale series.

In the MMO Game, you are now in Neverwinter, the town in the northeaast of Faerun.
I am working now with the foundry. Like in Star Trek Online, the company gave the
community an oppertunity to create their own stories.
SO I am working on a campaign with 3 parts.
The campaign includes 30 maps and some characters, you know from the old Baldur'S Gate.
You will visit the town of Leilon and it's Lord's Castle, the tomb's of Leilon, the Hide of the Rogue Night Blades and fight your way along the Crypt Garden Woods to Swordcoast Mountains, to stop the work of an mighty Magic.
I will bring it up to the community as soon as possible, but it is hard work.
Most of the stories 've played on the foundry are very interesting, but the maps were
build bad and empty - fast build.
While I am working on the story, I am swithcing to mmy next project to often.
I have to concentrate now on one work.

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