Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

Star Wars Universe

Here are some renderings from the animation movies I still made till now.
Lambda-Ferry of the Imperator leaving the hangar.
A watch on the Republic senat on coruscant

2 Nebulon-B figate and a corillian corvette - to much sunlight I think

Jedi Tempel

I am still working on my Star Wars Project.
For the Planet Couruscant I am creating the Jedi Temple.

Es gibt aber keinen. Also selber bauen.
This is my rendering from yesterday 02-17-2014.
May the force be with you.

Today I made some materials and seached my textures for the right materials.

I noticed that the maintower isn't right modelled like it si in the movies, so I created a new one.
Now it is original.

Imperialer Sternenzerstörer Executor-Class

My latest project is also an old dream of mine.
In 1977 a young American movie director set limits to science fiction and animation movies.
George Luces inspired me with his first film, "New Hope" and left me with my mouth wide open in cinema while I watched "The Empire Strikes Back".
At that time without computers he superposed up to 38 movies to present the complicated battles in space and the astroid fields.

I am still a great fan of the movies.
My favorite ship is the 17 Km long Star Destroyer Executor, Darth Vader's flagship.
It took more then 12 hours to create.
It was really hard to build a spaceship with a town like manahattan. I think I will upload it to the TF3DM.com for download.
Dr.Copy & Mr.Paste

The Planet needs more work I know. Iwill look forit by time -btw it is Couruscant.

Montag, 3. Februar 2014

First semi-pro rendering

Fronkreisch 1987 - Rendering Januar2014
This is my first semi-professional work with Cinema 4D. The background is just a photo on a wall. The bottles were modelled by someone else.
My focus was the sunlight and the misty atmosphere and keep it after rendering with Cinema 4D Renderprogramm. The bottles also should be focused. The left one is a transparent bottle with whiskey inside - I don't know if you really see it?

Starship COMET from the animation series Captain Future

Comet im Anflug auf die Basis in New York - Rendering September2013
Just a little picture after rendering. Made an animation movie with tha COMET while landing, but I can't upload it here. So I'll give you just a little picture. Hope you enjoy.